Powering The Publisher

The Ad Engine powers the publisher ad stack through the implementation of advanced ad monetization technology.


The Hybrid Ad Stack

Through the implementation of our hybrid ad stack, publishers grow revenue through premium demand partners, ad technologies and ad products while keeping their existing revenue streams. Publishers using The Ad Engine can expect an uplift in revenue of 50%+.


Unified Auction

Our unique approach to publisher monetization includes a unified auction that allows publishers to earn more per impression by increasing the bid density.

Full Control

Taking the opposite approach to most full service monetization platforms, The Ad Engine helps increase yield from Adsense and other partners by building around existing revenue streams.

Premium Revenue

The Ad Engine's premium demand, advanced technology and impactful ad products increases competition and overall revenue.


Our Products



Plug your inventory into a marketplace of aggregated demand to increase your CPM.

Access premium demand from the Google Ad Exchange, select DSPs and agencies.

Improve bid density and revenue through server-to-server Header Bidding.

Add incremental revenue through innovate ad formats.



Instantly increase your revenue through The Ad Engine's premium video player.

Monetization of contextually related video content or an existing Youtube channel.

Access to direct and programmatic instream video campaigns.

Support for 3rd party video players through VAST/VPAID tags or Prebid.

Advanced Ad Stack

Technologies We Use

The Ad Engine increases bid density and competition for publisher inventory through the implementation of advanced monetization techniques.


Google Ad Manager

The Ad Engine's unified auction is built using Google Ad Manager's advanced ad serving technology, programmatic capabilities and monetization through the Google Ad Exchange.


Header Bidding

The Ad Engine increases competition and bid density for publisher's inventory using multiple header bidding technologies.



The Ad Engine utilizes Amazon ads server-to-server bidding to increase scalability and speed of bidding on the web and AMP.



The open source prebid.js project allows The Ad Engine to expose a publishers inventory to a procured list of premium demand partners.



Real Time Config (RTC) for AMP pages is the next step in header bidding. The Ad Engine utilizes this to implement a server-to-server solution for fast loading AMP demand.


Prebid for Video

The Ad Engine's video player is built upon it's own unified auction to compete with the Google Ad Exchange for high fill and CPMs.


The Ad Engine powers a growing list of publisher sites



0+ Million

Monthly Ad Impressions

The Ad Engine is powering our ad stack which has allowed us to expand our footprint in a scalable and efficient way. The demand, ad products and overall performance has been exceptional. In addition, the support has been top notch. I would highly recommend The Ad Engine for any publisher looking to grow revenue.

Corey L.

It was a pleasure to work with The Ad Engine. They understood my Adsense revenue decline and implemented a plan to increase the revenue as it had taken a hit from the Coronavirus pandemic. Delighted to say the increase has already started and look forward to seeing what the coming weeks and months produce. Thanks again.

Gareth W.

The Ad Engine was a great help with getting us up-and-running with Google Ad Manager and then Header Bidding. I would definitely recommend them and look forward to working with them on an ongoing basis.

Patty C.

This really deserve 5 stars! I hired The Ad Engine to improve my ad revenue and I had a 100% increase. They know exactly what they're doing, great skills combined with good communication and adherence to schedule.

Massimo M.

It was great working with George from The Ad Engine. He is very easy to work with and communicate with. Explained our situation and what we were looking for and he quickly jumped in to assess our needs and implement a solution to increase the value of GAM and Adsense.

Greg R.

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